Donald Trump…The Power of Branding

Love him or hate him, you cannot deny the power of Donald Trump brand.  Although we do not endorse him, we do think he is very likely to win the presidency, and if he does it will be because he has spent decades building a brand consistent with his values.   So much so that the name Trump has become synonymous with those values.

Trump = Wealth.  Trump = Power.  Trump = Success.

Even if you know nothing else about him, you know these things. Why?  Because his brand is blazoned across skyscrapers and upscale hotels.  His reality show portrayed him as a powerful and savvy businessman.  Prior to his political involvement, his name in the news was always about either his next multi-million dollar project or his next beautiful (and much younger) wife.   All of this in support of the Trump brand.  His name itself is part of the branding.  One meaning of the word trump is to do better than or be more important than.  Certainly evokes a picture of success much better than the family name before it was changed — Drumpf.  It is these brand values and this name and their corresponding characteristics that are the very ones attracting voters.  Trump knows his audience — his ideal customer, and his brand speaks to them.  It doesn’t even matter now how many times he has contradicted himself and/or been downright offensive.  His brand is established, and his followers, loyal.

Do you see the amazing power of branding?  Establishing a brand that stands on the strong foundation of an organization’s values gives the brand optimal impact and memorability.  You don’t have to be Donald Trump to have a following; you just have to have the right branding.

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