Green Opportunity

Green is the new black, right?  We’re not talking Little Black Dress here, but we are talking about black’s classic, can’t-go-wrong-with-it appeal.  When we say “green” these days, of course, we don’t really mean a color at all.  Green refers to being environmentally responsible, and it is a “trend” that is here to stay.

When it comes to branding, many companies have made the move to become more “green” and reflect this in their values and culture.  Consumers, for the most part, admire and respond positively to this.  But beyond affecting your organizational practices, the green movement is opening the door to at least one way to get your brand out there to be seen and noticed.

We know that many consumers are opting to utilize reusable bags for grocery and other purchases.  But did you know that dozens of US cities have now banned plastic bags?  On top of that, there is often a fee imposed for paper bag usage.  Why is this important to branding?  People, especially residents of those cities, are now more likely than ever before to hang onto — and display — branded reusable bags!  So give them away — for employee appreciation or customer appreciation or as trade show goodies.  If you are a retailer, sell them at a slight mark-up and reap on-going marketing benefits.  In the long run, you can earn some extra “green” and, more importantly, help save the planet.

Check out one of our most environmentally responsible clients: Pulmonair, they usually give away branded reusable bags and other promo materials that help preserve the planet.

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