Branding = Reputation

You have heard it said that “Reputation is everything.” It really is true. And your audience is making purchasing decisions based on the reputation of your company, products, and services. This is why branding is so important.

Reputation is everything — yes, and Branding = Reputation. That’s right. Branding is not just your logo. Although your logo is an important element, branding involves much more. It involves every touchpoint with your company’s or product’s audience. It is how your receptionist answers the phone, the physical environment of your facilities, the tone of your written communication, and so much more! Of course, everything you do, internally and externally, and your products and services themselves affect your reputation. But even entities with the highest quality service or product can have their reputations suffer because of poor branding.

Case in point:  Momentum Physical Therapy.  This outstanding organization was named by ADVANCE Rehab Magazine as the Practice of the Year in 2015.  Known for their great clinical skills, they earned the trust of patients and referring physicians alike.  However, the Momentum executive team noted that they were not as successful at getting their name and brand and reputation known by those who had not yet experienced their service, possibly limiting growth.   

Realizing they needed to repair certain reputation inconsistencies, they found the solution in branding strategy.  Through a series of exercises, they were led to discover the organization’s true values, identity, and ideal customer.  They found their unique positioning in the physical therapy industry.  Only then could a new visual identity be created that reflected the real Momentum; and printed materials and environments could be transformed to be consistent with their identity.  With their branding / reputation clear to all employees, every touchpoint now consistently can deliver the same positive message of the “Highest Quality Physical Therapy in the Nation,” making it clear and attractive to their potential patients and referring physicians, as well.

Ensure your organization’s positive reputation through expert, values-based branding. Because branding = reputation; and reputation is everything.



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