Brand Services


Rojo 032’s expertise is telling your story through graphic and digital media. Beginning with your brand naming, then through the design of your visual identity, including your logo, packaging and collateral materials, and even the design of your website and social media channels, we create the most effective means to convey your unique story to your ideal audience.

Inspired by the intensity and vibrancy of the color red, our name, Rojo 032 (rojo is red in Spanish and 032 is our specific Pantone shade), serves as our promise to reflect only the most vibrant essence of your brand in everything we deliver.

Services According to Your Branding Needs

Services According to Your Branding Needs

Rojo 032 is ready to serve you, whatever your branding needs.  Do you have a brand new project — company, product or service?  In need of rebranding for your established business?  Have you recently merged with or acquired another organization?  Or, perhaps you are expanding into new markets.

Great branding is essential to get the word out!  Rojo 032 has the experience and expertise to guide you in the branding process.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Rojo 032’s Branding Strategy services are incredibly thorough and get to the heart of who your company is, what you do and who you serve in order to formulate the most well-targeted branding possible.  Several areas are covered in multiple strategizing sessions with your company’s key stakeholders.  Contact us to learn more about the full Branding Strategy package.

Brand Assets


Your name is your story squeezed into a few letters or words. In seconds, it has to tell your clients who you are, what you stand for, and—most importantly—why they need you.

  • We’ve made a name for ourselves by helping businesses create names for themselves.
  • Technology keeps expanding, and attention spans keep contracting. Your brand needs a name that stands the test of time.
Brand Identity

As creators of beauty in a world of noise, Rojo032 has developed more than 1000 brands and has the experience to utilize visual communication to create stories, bring together people, and allow you to fulfill the purpose of your brand.

  • A connection between organizations and people can start and be fed by images, shapes, symbols, color, form and content delivered by visual experiences.
  • Studies show that color even affects blood pressure, and our subconscious minds respond in different ways to different shapes. We bring together all the information available, the right talent, and a thorough knowledge of your identity to create a powerful message through your logo and every aspect of your visual identity.
Branded Environments

It’s not just a building or a space, it’s a three-dimensional, multi-sensory experience for connecting people and stories.


  • A well-designed branded environment not only conveys your story, it benefits your organization by being more attractive to customers and creating better morale among employees.
  • A branded environment that is well-planned and executed, allows your organization to offer your clients a home (not just a building) for their relationship with your brand.

It all comes down to first impressions.


  • Before your customers have a chance to touch or use your product, they’ll see the packaging. It’s their first direct exposure to your product, and you can bet they’ll be examining it with a critical eye.
  • We think of packaging as an inseparable component of your brand that will be viewed, touched and considered before the product itself is ever given a chance to impact the consumer.
Web site and digital brand assets

In today’s digital climate, websites, e-newsletters, corporate blogs, and social media are some of the most critical points where potential customers experience and make decisions about your brand.

It is extremely important that a consistent, value-rich story in harmony with the rest of your brand experience is being told.

  • They help to foster a real, positive relationship between people and your brand– but only if you have the right talent, knowledge and technology on your side.