Oscar Luna



We have benefitted from Oscar’s talent since before he graduated from college, because he did his required internship at Rojo 032. His focus at school was branding and publicity, so this was a perfect place to hone his skills. After he finished the internship, we asked him to stay on full-time. He loves being a graphic designer and feels he continues to learn so much while on the job.

Being among the members of our team makes Oscar happy. He says he likes “everything” about his work. His interests, however, extend beyond his professional experience so far, as he would love to learn animation and 3D rendering. Sounds perfect for incorporating into his favorite school project, a survival kit for during the zombie apocalypse.

Oscar lives with his three dogs: French poodle Negro and Chihuahuas Cosita and Muneca. In his free time he likes to exercise and watch television and movies, and if he can do these with his family and friends, he likes them even more.