Eloisa Ibarra

Senior Designer


With experience writing website news copy, freelance designing and working for a digital design firm, Eloisa, known around here as Elo, brings a rich background with her to Rojo 032. She graduated with her degree, a love for advertising and an eye for design. Extremely efficient and focused, Elo has been recognized at Rojo 032 for working at lightning-fast speed without sacrificing quality.

Elo’s passion is learning something new everyday and loves that the environment at Rojo 032 allows her to do just that. She enjoys working with the team to create designs that help clients meet their goals and that will be seen by thousands of people. The work she has done on materials for AnesthesiaOS has been her favorite and most-rewarding because of the importance of it in the medical software industry.

Her penchant for speed follows her outside the workplace as Elo trains as a runner and cyclist in her free time. She runs 5Ks, 10Ks and half-marathons and hopes to run a full marathon soon. Staying true to her love for knowledge, she often takes courses in things like photography and English, as well as researches world-renowned designers’ work. Elo relaxes by painting and spending Sundays with her family.