Founder and CEO

With more than 15 years’ experience in the industry, Sergio leads Rojo 032.  Since graduating from Latin America’s top-ranked business school at Monterrey Tech University, he has worked with a variety of businesses and non-profits in the areas of branding, name development, design and web development. He also is recognized as a leading authority on brand building, having served as professor of advertising at several universities.
Among Sergio’s accomplishments are the development of a campaign for Pfizer NOLA (North of Latin America) and the creation of the branding programs for the State of Tamaulipas Department of Tourism and the Continental Group, one of Coca-Cola’s top ten bottlers in the world. Since expanding Rojo 032’s reach to the United States, he has serviced new brands, such as the non-profits Avenida Guadalupe Association, as well as for-profit organizations such as
Momentum Physical Therapy, AnesthesiaOS, Pulmonair, PAX Financial Group, Costa Solutions, and Taurean Cyber Defense. Having directed more than 1000 brand identity projects across multiple industries, Sergio is an expert at developing branding solutions that are tailor-made for each individual client.

On most days Sergio can be found dining out with his beautiful bride Alicia. He also enjoys a daily 3-mile run, a challenging tennis match, and meeting with other Christian business owners to discuss values and ethics in the marketplace.


Alicia’s enthusiasm for all aspects of the branding process is contagious. Since graduating with her Marketing degree, she has worked in graphic design, brand development, web development, social media campaign coordination and marketing management for companies both in Latin America and in the U.S. In addition to being a committed and talented marketer, Alicia also delivers incredible customer service, having attended to clients for a local ReMax agent, as well as those in the advertising / marketing industry.

Contributing to campaigns for companies as varied as school supplies distributors, structural engineers and medical and legal professionals, Alicia has shown versatility and dedication to research. In fact, learning about new and diverse industries is one of her favorite aspects of her work at Rojo 032. This highly-organized, creative and friendly team player is invaluable to our agency and our clients. Her intelligence and patience make her the perfect liaison between our English-speaking and Spanish-speaking staff and clients.

Alicia and her smile are a joy to everyone fortunate to know her, especially her husband Sergio and baby Milo (their Maltese puppy). When she is not creating incredible brands, she enjoys reading self-improvement books, painting, listening to music and running. She also loves to be outdoors enjoying nature.

Project Manager

Our most orderly and organized staff member, Johnny has been a fantastic team player at Rojo 032 since 2001. He got his start in design when studying at the university level and is passionate about creating new things. Besides working with who he calls “the best team” in the industry, what Johnny loves most about Rojo 032 is partnering with the client and helping them through the process of transforming their identity.

Since he has been with Rojo 032, Johnny has enjoyed success with projects for many companies, but considers his work for Carasol and IJLT School his best. When asked about his favorite piece that he has worked on, he enthusiastically names the logo for Avenida Guadalupe. In his words, “It’s wonderful!”

In his free time, Johnny enjoys cooking, traveling and seeing new things with his wonderful wife of six years Yessica. He also stays young by spending time with his two sons playing soccer in the park or playing XBox.

Operations Manager

Since 2002, Rene has been a vital part of the Rojo 032 team. He has experience in production, his favorite projects being collateral material for Hascor International Group and annual reports for Grupo Continental. He’s also earned awards for outstanding sales for the firm. Currently Rene oversees the firm’s operations, and having seen the work we do from all angles gives him valuable insight for this role.

Rene enjoys the responsibility that comes with keeping the company running smoothly. The position works well for someone as decisive and trusted as he is. Like all our staff, Rene cites the unity of the Rojo 032 team as his favorite aspect of being here. He also says the environment of learning that we foster is something he values highly.

Time off is spent enjoying the company of his wife Laura and their daughter. Soccer, both playing and watching, is a favorite of Rene’s, as are running and listening to music.

Design Director

Ramon derives much fulfillment from making attractive, impactful and smart designs. His passion is helping brands look “awesome” through incredible and dynamic logos. Creative and curious, Ramon strives to make each project his best work; however, the logo for Avenida Guadalupe he considers one of his best efforts. And the logo for MIR is his personal favorite.

Ramon comes to Rojo 032 with an extensive history in design, having earned his degree in graphic design, taken additional post-graduate coursework, and worked in print, newspaper and advertising. Ramon is an amazing asset to our firm. He has been honored with recognition from his colleagues for excellence in the area of creativity, but says that the best award he has received is the satisfaction of our customers.

Ramon is married to the love of his life, Yesenia, and they are expecting their first child. His favorite outside-of-work activities include spending time with Yesenia (without her French poodle, of whom he is not a fan), drawing, and going to the movies. Ramon is also a talented actor and performs in community theatre productions with friends. He has even gone on the road, touring around Mexico as a mouse in Cinderella!

Senior Designer

With experience writing website news copy, freelance designing and working for a digital design firm, Eloisa, known around here as Elo, brings a rich background with her to Rojo 032. She graduated with her degree, a love for advertising and an eye for design. Extremely efficient and focused, Elo has been recognized at Rojo 032 for working at lightning-fast speed without sacrificing quality.

Elo’s passion is learning something new everyday and loves that the environment at Rojo 032 allows her to do just that. She enjoys working with the team to create designs that help clients meet their goals and that will be seen by thousands of people. The work she has done on materials for AnesthesiaOS has been her favorite and most-rewarding because of the importance of it in the medical software industry.

Her penchant for speed follows her outside the workplace as Elo trains as a runner and cyclist in her free time. She runs 5Ks, 10Ks and half-marathons and hopes to run a full marathon soon. Staying true to her love for knowledge, she often takes courses in things like photography and English, as well as researches world-renowned designers’ work. Elo relaxes by painting and spending Sundays with her family.


We have benefitted from Oscar’s talent since before he graduated from college, because he did his required internship at Rojo 032. His focus at school was branding and publicity, so this was a perfect place to hone his skills. After he finished the internship, we asked him to stay on full-time. He loves being a graphic designer and feels he continues to learn so much while on the job.

Being among the members of our team makes Oscar happy. He says he likes “everything” about his work. His interests, however, extend beyond his professional experience so far, as he would love to learn animation and 3D rendering. Sounds perfect for incorporating into his favorite school project, a survival kit for during the zombie apocalypse.

Oscar lives with his three dogs: French poodle Negro and Chihuahuas Cosita and Muneca. In his free time he likes to exercise and watch television and movies, and if he can do these with his family and friends, he likes them even more.

Copywriter / Editor

With a BA in Mass Communications and an MBA, Becky brings a number of strengths to the Rojo 032 team. Her professional background is as varied as the companies we serve. In the years after she left a vice-presidency at American Southwest Financial (ASF) to become a stay-at-home mom, she took on various part time jobs, including tax preparation, office management and ownership of two home-based retail businesses.

Most recently, Becky taught drama and directed plays at the Geneva School of Boerne, just outside of San Antonio. Her communications major and experience writing marketing materials and scripts prepared her well for copywriting and editing. Her employment and volunteer history combine to equip her for customer service, research, creative and detail-oriented tasks. Becky likens the branding process to producing a play: for the director’s vision to be realized, research, creativity, attention to detail and dedication are required, ultimately resulting in a professionally-presented end product for the audience.

Becky is happiest when spending time with her husband JC, their adult kids and their Lhasa Apso Peanut. Reading novels, attending plays and movies, and dining out top her list of favorite entertainment. Active in her church, she also has a passion for discipling younger women.

Executive Assistant/Accounts Coordinator:

Originally from Miami, Florida, Mimi Planas has over 25 years of executive assistant experience. Having graduated with an Associates in Arts, she made her mark in the Customer Service and Administrative industry. She has chosen to concentrate on the value of customer satisfaction and is an expert in her field. Along with assisting executives, whether it is customer meetings, customer service or detailed reporting, she is most comfortable resolving issues and getting things done in a quick and timely fashion