The UnicitySA Story

This San Antonio non-profit group has the goal of “Uniting the Mission City for the good of His Kingdom.” They seek to bring together Christian leaders and ministries from across the city to collaborate with and encourage one another in order to make the biggest impact possible. Armed with a dream and filled with purpose, key members of the organization contacted Rojo 032 to help give form to their vision. Although they knew who they wanted to be, they did not have an identity. And in order to raise funds to support their mission, they needed a strong name and visuals that would emphasize the seriousness of their cause and commitment to it.

What we did

With the organization’s mission and values in mind, we explored possible names and graphics that would be meaningful to their cause and would inspire participation by local non-profits and supporters. It was the dawning of a brand new entity and identity: UnicitySA. The name clearly conveys their goal of multiple groups working together, and the shades of yellow and orange depict energy, joy, warmth, courage and optimism, as well as represent the radiance of a light shining from a “city on a hill.” Once the brand was created, we worked closely with members of the founding team to create materials to help them explain their vision to potential partners in ministry. What a privilege to be a part of such a God-honoring endeavor!

Naming / Brand Identity / Brochure