The River Tree Healthy Bistro Story

The freshest ingredients. Homemade croutons and salad dressings. Unique, delicious family recipes. A health-conscious, moderately-priced menu. And catering services. How could they go wrong? Unfortunately, in addition to doing all these things right, River Tree had a textbook case of inconsistent branding that was not indicative of its high-quality product. The family-owned and run restaurant always had amazing food, but nothing else about it was too appealing. The printed menus and website were confusing. The logo and environment were too dark and serious for the type of food being served. And no one knew they offered catering. They needed a refresh to match the freshness and appeal of the cuisine.

What we did

Rojo 032 came to the rescue! We kept the River Tree Bistro name, but added “Healthy” to the title in order to clue-in the health-conscious ideal customer. Next we completely revamped the logo and the colors used on all printed materials and the environment. Additionally, the website was overhauled and made much more user-friendly, with colors and information that was consistent with that provided in the restaurant and on the printed menus; and we made sure it showcased the main thing: the FOOD, with beautiful, mouth-watering photographs of the in-restaurant and catering menu items. Just thinking about it makes us want to go get a lobster salad or brie & serrano panini…see you there!

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