The Pulmonair Story

Dr. John Raimondo, the President & CEO of Infinity Medical Equipment (IME), asked Rojo 032 CEO Sergio Luna to review his existing website and see if the agency could improve it. Like most small business owners, branding was handled internally for cost control and Dr. Raimondo was unknowingly in need of rebranding to embody the mission for his company.

What we did

At their next meeting, Mr. Luna boldly suggested that Dr. Raimondo’s company needed a complete makeover to match his corporate vision. After a 2-week comprehensive market analysis by the agency, Mr. Luna presented a five-step process to be completed over a two-month period of time to bring Dr. Raimondo’s vision to reality. Recommendations from Rojo 032 were presented and accepted by IME. The deliverables included a new name, new colors, new logo, CMS website, interior design for the new offices, as well as collateral materials.

In the words of Dr. Raimondo, “I have created over ten different companies and currently run seven corporations and I have never received compliments on my branding until working with Rojo 032. With the new branding of PULMONAIR, the amount of positive feedback we receive daily from physicians, business leaders, customers and vendors is overwhelming!

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