The PAX Story

Consumerism. Quick fixes. School loans. Credit card debt. Car loans. Mortgages. No wonder personal finances can become a major source of stress. Enter PAX (Latin for peace) Financial Group, an independent financial advising firm whose vision is to “see families in our community experiencing hope and living legacies.” From the beginning, the group was clear in its mission and goals and processes but not necessarily in its branding. Their original logo “kind of just happened” when the company was first formed and needed to print business cards and the like.

What we did

After seven years of successfully assisting clients in every aspect of their financial lives, the firm was confident in their identity and preparing to move to new offices. The time was right for the principles at PAX to seek professional re-branding, and they turned to Rojo 032 to accomplish the task, knowing we would create a brand identity that would better reflect their mission and vision. We designed a whole new look — new logo, colors, brochures and feel — one that evokes trust and confidence. The credibility PAX earned with their clients is now reflected in their branding and materials. The sense is corporate, yet emphasizes families and living legacies, in accordance with PAX’s vision.

Brand Identity / Branded Environment / Print