The HygieneMerit Story

When the co-owner of a successful residential cleaning service in Mexico realized there was both need and opportunity in the United States, he brought the service to San Antonio, Texas. Eventually he sold his shares in that company in order to start his own cleaning business. Knowing he needed the expertise of others to launch his new endeavor, he sought out professional naming and branding from Rojo 032.

What we did

In our initial meeting, we asked all about his background and his vision for this new company. It would not be just another “maid service.” He insisted on professionalism. The new company’s major target market would be the medical community — hospitals and medical office buildings, where the need was for a sterilized environment — as well as having a residential arm. It was essential that the branding evoke a picture of professionalism, efficiency and reliability. After researching the competition and the market, Rojo 032 presented several possible names, and HygieneMerit was chosen. The name fits perfectly with the company’s mission, vision and goals and has increased their confidence as they enter the San Antonio marketplace. We designed everything for HygieneMerit, from the logo and print materials to signage, uniforms and company vehicles.

Naming / Brand Identity / Web Development