The Chosen Story

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans…” This portion of a verse from the book of James in the Bible is at the heart of non-profit entity Chosen. The motivation for all they do is to “bring orphans out of darkness. “ They do this by hosting sporting events to financially impact orphans and adoptive families and raise awareness of the 165 million orphans worldwide.

When the Chosen founder approached Rojo 032, the organization was on the verge of expanding its reach, starting new fundraising races in cities across America. The need, as she saw it, was for their website to be overhauled, giving it a more established and institutional feel in order to attract more race sponsors, vendors and participants.

What we did

Inspired by Chosen’s purpose, we enthusiastically answered the call to help their cause. As requested, we analyzed the website, but did not stop there. After studying the entity and its mission and materials, we found that, in addition to the website, the logo and feel of the outgoing communication did not match Chosen’s level of professionalism. The informality of the existing logo made it a bit too relaxed and unofficial. We recommended a complete re-branding to reflect Chosen’s competency and efficiency. They agreed. Our collaboration with their creative director resulted in a new, polished logo and a website that was equally professional-looking. We also provided them guidelines regarding the use of imagery to reflect their professionalism. Rojo 032 is honored to play a part in helping Chosen succeed in its mission to help orphans and adoptive parents.

Branding / Print / Web Development